Wednesday, 28 December 2016

One Design Fleet A Unique Yacht With Innovative Touches

The  one design fleet is a luxury motor yacht and a has controlled sails, which means it allows you will control to sailing with the same equipment and same boat, but you might be sailing against other boats with the same sail age and only one brand. 

This yacht is available for cruising in Croatia and it is a unique yacht with innovative touches, superior design, and technology. The interiors of the yacht are modern, stylish and contemporary along with the furniture and materials used throughout the ship, it gets on perfectly. The yacht has been made with care and precision and has enough attention to detail outside as well as inside the boat. 

The design of the boat has been in a way that it enables the guests to enjoy great views of the sea with enough light and breeze. The upper deck is very spacious and has an owner's deck which is very private with a soothing environment. The yacht also has a small office, a salon, and a private terrace. There are many other amenities on board along with entertainment like as pool along with beach club, waterfall, outdoor cinema, golf tee, private dining and much more. These amenities are used for the first time actually in a yacht.
Design and innovation are the two main aspects of the Monoflot one design fleet and the layout has been very carefully designed. The technical details are worked out with great care to make sure its reliability of sea. 

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